Other Bounty Hunter Sabine Wren - Provider Question


Jr Hunter
Hey all, just a question to see if any providers make a quality vac-form ABS or fiberglass kit for Sabine, or recommendations on the current "best" kit ont he market? I've reached out to Cruzer to see if he's still making helmets - his ROTJ gel-coat fiberglass gauntlets are second-to-none, so hoping he's still making... thanks in advance!


Mandalorian Arsenal makes Sabine armor kits and helmets. Also, RuthlessFX on facebook (and ruthlessfx) casts a really nice looking Sabine helmet off of a 3D print he made. He has an armor kit for her too.


Jr Hunter
Anyone know where to get the best 3D printing stl files for Sabine Wren? See a few helmets, but nothing for armor or S3 gauntlets... thoughts?


Active Hunter
I have a RuthlessFX and 3x NME helmets. The NME is more expensive, but worth it (hence why I have 3of them and only 1Rfx).