RussRep\'s aluminum gauntlet missle project NEW PICS


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RussRep's aluminum gauntlet missle project NEW PICS

Hi guys i can take on this Missle but need a good drawing to work from !!!!Heres a few pics of my work.


Picture 664(1)_3.jpg


Picture 608(2)_5.jpg

Any body intrested please PM or email
Yes,yes to Russel you listen. :)

Guys we need someone that is real good with blueprints to do the gauntlet missle so we can all give input so it's "perfect".We finally have a willing,able machinist to do this just like we've been trying to for years,...let's not let the opportunity slip by.Believe me if I had the skills,or software to do such a complicated project I would,alas I don't :(.Is anyone up to the challenge?

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Maybe I can help.
I'm a newbie to TDH but I'm a HUGE STAR WARS FREAK
And so is my Brother, Who is also, an ARCHITECT.
I will call him right now.
Of course, He will need what measurements we can come up with.
I have 2 resin Missles, but I'm not at all pleased with them and they are different sizes.
If Russ can't produce them, I have three buddies who are top notch machinists. They can make anything.
Seriously, if we can gather the measurements, this could be done!
I'm willing to help in any way!
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Ok Guys and Gals,
Here's the scoop.
I talked to my brother the Architect and he said Hell Yes he would do it.
I emailed him the link to the Boba Reference cd and he said that with the software he has, all he needs is an accurate measurement of something in the photograph
like part of the missle or gauntlet and the software can figure out the rest of the measurements down to less than 1/64". I'd say that this is our chance to FINALlY have an accurate size all metal missle. And with the work that Russ has posted, I think this is a match made in heaven.
So, What do you say?
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That sounds good to me when io have all the info i need i'll machine a sample missile . Then hopefully do a run of them!
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He said that hopefully, it won't take but a week to do the blueprints. When he gets them done, I will PM you to find out where to ship them.
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Hi guys got the drawing . But as i am off on hoilday on tuesday wont be able to do any thing till i get back in a weeks time. Then i will start work on it!!!!Looking forward to making it.
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Cool, we are looking foward to you making it. :) Looks like at last we might see this project lift up.
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Could someone at least post a photo overlay against one of the MOM photo's to see how accurate this rocket is going to be? It's going into full scale production without any scrutiny and any prototype phases.We've just waited far too long to say there is a drawing out,and it will be machined next week,...that's all I'm saying,not trying to offend. :) It'll only help the end product,and also in the potential for anyone to buy it.I mean if my resin rocket is more accurate, guess which one will rent space on my gauntlet ;)

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I know of at least two members here who have some expertise in this area, but have yet to chime in. We'd all like a metal rocket, but I wouldn't waste the effort if it isn't accurate. I'll concur what Steve said, I'd post the blueprint here first for review before you start cranking these out.

Any idea on a price range yet, Russ?
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My brother has started working on his blueprint of the rocket.He has downloaded the pictures from the Reference Cd into his computer at work and started the scaling process. I have 2 resin rockets. 1 MB and the other I'm not sure about(bought off of ebay). The body of the MB rocket looks more accurate. I guess he can use the MB as a guide for size reference. Of course, if anyone has a better or more accurate one that can give me even one measurement off of it then it might save more time. I would post the blueprints here before it ever went into the production faze. I'm not sure where the drawings came from that russ has but I would also like to see them or a prototype before commiting to buying one. Not that I don't trust russ or his drawings, I've just gotten burned in the past and it has cost me plenty.
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Of course I dont think anyone will commit untill looking at the finished prototype and price but I really think it is good that there is someone willing to try to make an aluminum rocket. I would suggest Russ to only make this rocket if he thinks he can make an accurate one since all of us wont change an accurate resin rocket for one that is not. :)
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Hi guys i have the blue print i will make to the drawing. Then i will get it machined and post the pics.
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I have an MB,and an FP,but both are off to the painters.I know there are others out there too so maybe someone can chime in with their FP measurements.The FP is alot more accurate to take serious measurements off of for comparison to MOM photos rather than the MB,although they both look great.I just would really like to see this in more of a "discussion phase" first.It's moving a little too fast into production.Let's sit back for a bit to make sure we are all in check with the final product :)

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Just an update.
The Blueprints are coming along nicely.
The ribs on the mid section and noles on the rocket tip are being a little tricky.
We have printed out a huge stack of pics from the RCD
to help get an accurate count on the ribs.
But it's coming along nicely.
When finished, pics will be posted, but I'd also like to send a Hard Copy to a couple of TDH members so they can look at the scale drawings in person and give feedback before it goes into production.
Any ideas on who would be the best members to send copies to?
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Not Braks.

Quite frankly, I've always found his work here to be a little sloppy!

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