Rubies Upgrade Questions


New Hunter
Will fiberglassing Rubies STANDARD Mask inside damage it? I heard that it will strenthen mask.
Please anything you know will help and will be greatly appreciated.
now you're starting to get into the grey area where it begins to be more trouble than it's worth. there are a few things you can do with the rubies that will strengthen it up (metal craft ring, a real lens) for relatively cheap. but due to the innacuriacies of the rubies bucket, fiberglassing it will probably be more expensive than the helmet itself, and (imho) overkill to protect such an inexpensive investment. i would suggest going the craft ring and lens route, use it as a practice piece for painting, sell it on ebay (or here in the cargo hold) and use the procedes from the sale to buy a fangs.
use bondo I did , I don't know about fiberglass, simetimes I have had a hard time getting some brands to stick to plastic
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