Rubies Jango vs. Boba?

Kalek Thren

New Hunter
I know, both of these helmets are at the low end of the spectrum, but if i had to pick one, which would you suggest? As far as shape and everything. Are they both equal in quality? Thank you much in advance.
i don't have a ton of personal experience, but the costume shop down the street from me has both. i was looking in the window a couple of days ago and the jango one definitely looks to be better shaped.

you'd need to dent it for boba though, and i'm not sure how you'd do that.
i was actually thinking of modifying my jango i got to boba. the two piece standard, instead of the vinyl rotocast is bigger and looks pretty good. i think a heat gun might work for the dent. anyone else have thoughts on this?
Jango. the rubies boba looks like pure... nevermind.
of course, you can also get a boba and flare the helmet.

hope this helps :)
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