Rubies Boba or Jango?

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Hi all, my first post so i apologize if this question has been asked before.

I have limited $$$ and limited skills with fibreglass, resin, casting, etc. so want to start out with a Rubies helmet. I know that the quality is pretty poor (from what I've read)and the size is smallish but for a first bucket it should be ok.

The question is, should I get a Jango or a Boba helmet? I'm doing a custom look anyway so I'm just concerned about shape, quality, etc.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If you're doing a custom, go with the Jango. From what I hear the Jango Rubies is sturdier and better shaped. Also, it doesn't have a dent. If you got the Boba one, you'd have to go through the trouble of filling in the dent yourself.
Ugh!!!! Well from what I've read and heard, If you can score a 95' DP, that would be the best way to go as far as size, quality, and accuracy are concerned. Plus you can always bondo up the dent if need be. I hear that the Rubies helmets are very narrow compared to the actual movie helmets and even the DP versions. Could pose problems if you are looking to do custom things in the helmet like adding fans, servos, battery holders, and speakers. Your best bet is to look on ebay for a 95' DP, if not, then I guess a 96' will do, and if I'm wrong, I'm sure a member will correct me and put you on the right path.
Thanks for the advice. There are a few '96 Don Post's around on EBay but I haven't seen any '95's.

My concern is for head size and I wear glasses. The Jango looks decent but I need to find a Rubies Boba and a Rubies Jango side by side to compare.

Any links to pics like that?
I have a 97 Don Post and it is almost to small for me. My cheeks hit the sides when I smile. depeding on what your head size is I do not think that you would be able to wear glasses in it. And from what I have herd around here mostly the boba rubies is cast from the don post molds and the jango is a new mold. I would go with the boba helmet just to be safe if you get a rubies. But right now there are a couple of 96 Don posts on ebay for a good price you should check them out. Search for boba fett and you should find them. Good luck:)

Thais is my 97 DP i am making a custom out of
<img src=>
<img src=>
If you wear glasses, you may want to consider the DP's because they are bigger.
I'm not too sure about the rubies boba but the rubies jango is much smaller than the DP's.

Hope this helps. :)
Phantom... WOW...

That looks really awesome. I can see you are going REALLY custom. Cant wait to see more progress.

Definatly try to get a DP even tho mine is a 97 i still love it.
If you can, try to find a DP95 or 96...however there are a number of guys out there that sell DP95 fiberglass recasts for around $100. I think it's a great deal and you should go with that. However you sound like you're on a really tight budget. Keep checking ebay. I was able to get a DP95 for $30 on ebay a few months ago...that is one hell of a bargain.
Someone should make a post where many of the different helmets are filled with water to measure their volume.

Any takers? (I have a Jango pez dispenser I could gut and fill with water but I doubt that would count lol)
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