Rubies 97 visor


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Ok...I know the infamous Rubies 97 Isn't the best helmet in the world but I figure it will be a good starting point .My question is,does anyone know what kind of adhesive is used to glue the stock visor in place,it seems to work pretty well because I cant seem to pry the sucker out.Ive decided not to cut out the old T visor and just install the new one through the front so as not to lose what little strength the helmet already has even though I have already fiber glassed the inside.Ive already cut and sized the new visor and it fits very well and looks nice,I just need a good strong and transparent glue that will not show through the visor....Thanks in advance for any help.


New Hunter
Try to find yourself a 2002 Rubies Jango Fett one piece. I have one, and boy is it better than the '97. If you want a cheap Boba or Jango, that's the way to go.

For the visor, just dremal it out and replace it with this. Anchor Brand - Face Shield Visor, 15 1/2" x 9", Dark Green, Unbound, Plastic: Safety Equipment & Gear : I have like 20 of the and they're amazing. Why pay $20 for a welder's visor when this works just as good? Stick it I the oven at 400 for about 2 minutes and form it to shape. Just don't take off the plastic film until after you shape it. JB Weld it in place, and BOOM. You'll have once heck of a nice start, my friend.