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Well I was in the shop painting on helmets the other day and I needed a breather while the paint was drying and just wanted to do something different. I had some RTV, WED clay and fiberglass suplies so I figured what the heck now is the time to learn how to make a mother mold. Well in between painting I would work on this I used the buck I had obtained earlier. The curiosity was killing me to see how it would turn out as a helmet. I unfortunately casted the ears with it and not separate since I was just goofing around it didn't matter.
I popped it out of the mold and put it on my noggin flashed a pic in the bathroom mirror and as you can see I shot the pic blindly so focus and composition were not a factor LOL. I was pretty happy with the results. After shooting the pic I went back to painting on the helmets. It was something I needed as an intermission to kind of lay the painting down for a brief moment.

I know the question is going to be asked but as much as it pains me I cannot sell any castings. Part of the agreement of me getting this is that I would promise not to sell any castings. And please put yourself in my shoes what else could I say or miss out on it. But anyway on the bright side it's part of the TDH family now.

LOL Speaking of cheekbones the cheeks don't even touch your face when you put it on and the your nose doesn't smash against the visor plate.

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if you like Lee, you can always send it to me & ill compare it to the MSH helmet for you ;) lol

That is one of THE best props i have ever seen.
All it needs is the best ESB paintjob on it, you couldnt put an ROTJ paintjob on something as beautiful as that ;)

Nathan :)
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I would like to paint it but unfortunately it has to sit for a bit while I take care of the other helmets I need to finish.

I want to get back on the research thing helping find more stuff for the suit and refining the colors. I have been searching out old Floquils and it's amazing how much paint they made and how hard some of it is to find as a matter of fact you don't know some colors exist until you find some olds paints that have been sitting at a hobby store for years. The good thing is we have a starting point and Floquil is it.

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The helmet looks good!
Great job!

Can't wait to get a chance to photograph this whenever you get a chance to paint it.
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That looks cool!

Would you be willing to write a quick tutorial on how to make a mother mold for a helmet?
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Awesome. Are you going to bring THAT helmet (and the "other real deal" helmet cast to Dragon*Con? ;)

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NICE :D I think someone needs to make their very own Pre-Pro suit to go with it ;) That would make 4 people who would have any interest in the Pre-pro suit :lol:
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