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A while back I helped a few people join the RPF who were having trouble signing up, I just noticed that registration is open again this year so I thought I'd post this for those who are interested.

I've met a lot of great people here on the Dented Helmet and also the Replica Prop Forum, here is the information copied from the RPF post, I hope this helps...

Scheduled Open Registration - November 1st - November 15th

To register on the RPF, you must submit a legitimate e-mail address fromyour ISP (ex: Earthlink, RoadRunner, Comcast, etc.) for verification purposes.

Registrations from FREE email accounts (ex: YAHOO, HOTMAIL, GMAIL, etc.) are NOT ACCEPTABLE, and will be denied activation and subsequently removed. To register on the RPF you must register with a legitimate e-mail address from your ISP (ex: Earthlink, RoadRunner, Comcast, etc.) for verification purposes within the registration period and must maintain a legitimate email address on your account at all times. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
For those still having problems signing-up, keep in mind that Free Email accounts won't be accepted, That goes for [SIZE=-1]earthlink.net, [/SIZE]gmail.com, hotmail.com, msn.com, aol.com, juno.com, [SIZE=-1]netzero.net, etc.

[SIZE=-1] This isn't to annoy people or make their lives more difficult, it's because of a few bad apples have abused the RPF and now they had to take precautions to make sure it doesn't happen again.[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]
I'd be happy to help you out by passing your information to the Registration Moderator if you would like me to, just PM me the information...

Thats very good of you but I dont think I'll bother, too weird for me. dont need that kind of nonsense. :angry Thanks anyway :)

It also keeps a lot of spam out.

Keeps a lot of people out too, its not exactly welcoming if they are like that.
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Hmmm......guess I can't ever be a member. My email address at Yahoo is all I have anymore. Too bad, I would have liked to join:(
hey propsculptor, is there anyway you could help out TDH members that only have freeby accounts, i'm in the same boat as mrgr8ness. Like talk to the admin there on our behalf? If not, that's cool, i'm content with the awesome community here.
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