ROTJ verticle stripes??


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Ok guys, I am finally going to get around to painting my bucket, its been sitting there silver for long enough. Question is on the color of the kill stripes. I know MILW road orange is the color of choice, but has anyone used anything else that is a good match? As some of you may know, I bought my paint from Testors, and had to wait a month to get it. I forgot to get the orange. So I either have to place another Testors order, or find something else. I do have pumkin orange that I used for my bells, and misted with a sunflower yellow. Looking for alternative color selection. I am planning on doing my Panzer green sections first, should I do the stripes right after, or wait till the end? Thanks guys
That stripe actually has a red hue to it that the orange gets close to but not quite accurate. I was at Hobby Town USA the other day and was going through there paints to find new colors to dirty my helmet with and found a great redish orange but I for the life of me cant recall the color name. Go to your local hobby superstore that has a good paint selection and in the brand that you are using, look in there section for something that maches that closely... worst case senerio you can mix that with the orange. But be carefle not to mix different brands. You can get strange results.
Thanks evan, I noticed that looking at the MoM reference pics. I was thinking of trying to mix something. Maybe some pumpkin orange with some crimson red or something.
I just ended up lightly misting some Maroon over top of the Orange and it appeared to turn out pretty good IMO. I think you should be able to mix something together that would be pretty close.

One trick I learned that cut down on masking malfunxions is taping off the raw squares for the kill stripes, adding any masking fluid to mask off anything in the squares you don't want painted. Then use latex makeup sponges to dab on the paint evenly. It takes a few layers (let each layer dry for a few minutes before adding the next and you can dab on red in a blend to brighten up the orange this way without having to airbrush or do any fancy tricks. It looks more authentic and hand done but with the control of an airbrush.
The ROTJ stripes always looked like an orange red to me.



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