ROTJ, LEFT hand Gauntlet..Hose, or no hose?

The right one os the only one with hoses for some reason, which perplexes me as well, as I also wonder where the flamethrower gets its fuel.

Then again in ROTJ he shoots something and doesn't use a flame thrower out of that gauntlet. Some people consider the gaintlet in ROTJ to be a wrist-moiunted blaster and the gauntlet in ESB to be the flamethrower.
There are no hoses to the flame thrower on either the ESB or ROTJ gauntlets. They are just on Jango's. It is often confusing to see suits with hoses on the flame thrower outside the movies, but these are fan suits like ours.

Often people put the hoses on because of your question as to how it would get fuel. It is up to you. The real thing you want to care about, is anyone other than yourself really going to know the difference?


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No no no...the jet pack has a little transportation device that beams the fuel right into the gauntlet. :lol: