ROTJ Guant Questions


I just bought a set of ruffkintoy guants off of Ebay. I should be getting them in a week or so. Here is my question, does someone have some instructions on putting them together, and what type of glue do I use?

Also how many hose attachments are there and where are they located on the guants?

Where should I buy the supplies to attach the hoses with, and what do they look like and what are they called?

What should I use as the hinge?

Is velcrow(sp?) good to use to make both sides close together?

How many little switches and buttons are on them, and where are they located?

Where do I get the switches and buttons?

Does anyone have any really good compasison pics that I can use for painting and attaching the pieces?

Where do I get the little darts from that goes on one of the Guants?

Thanks for all of you help in advance.
First off-you made a great purchase.

All of your questions can be answered in older posts. Just do a Search for gauntlets.

For the record, if you want movie accurate ROTJ - go with velcro and glue for the seals, Hinges are for Jango.

Good Luck!
hey, i'm sure there some links of what hinges to use for the gauntlets. where do i get some of the hinges??? i know some use piano hinges, but, do you get those at lows or some place like that??? whats better to use....hinges, or, velcro? if i use velcro, how do i put it together...i'm just trying to get the Boba accuracy. :)
thanks for the help.
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Piano hinges. You can get them at your local hardware store for about $10 for a 2-3 ft length. It can be cut to size with a hacksaw or a dremel(I suggest using a dremel).
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