I recently purchased a set of M.O.W. ROTJ gauntlets (used),
I noticed a small hairline crack in the fiberglass on the right gauntlet...well it has spread!!:cry

The crack is due to slightly squeezing the gauntlets to release the velcro.
Is there a better way to put on/ take off, to avoid the gauntlet splitting in half?:confused

I ran a bead of glue along the inside w/ a small, needle like, fine brush.

PLEASE HELP:facepalm
I used JB weld to fix a crack in my helmet that was forming in the bottom left corner of the visor area. JB-weld is much easier to work with.

What I would do is mix the two pars with a toothpick let it set for a about 15-20 min so it gets a little hard and is less messy. The apply a little dab with toothpick down the crack. Then take a new toothpick and use that to smooth it out on the outside so you don't have any bubbles coming through after you press the two halves together and put a little bit on the inside of the crack for reinforcement.

If you do it right you should be able to paint right over it and no one will know the difference.
goop is the answer to all :-D

i always say goop because it will stick to damn near anything, but remains flexible so it won't crack under pressure.

my styrene gauntlets are cracked in more places than not, and the goop has held them together. the paint has suffered, but that's what touchups are for. unfortunately my damage is no longer accurate, but there isn't much i can do there ;)
Thought i post this, since somebody had the same problem in the cargo hold.
I used a small bead of gorilla glue on the outside, and a large amount on the inside. Any stray glue on the outside of the gauntlet i picked off with a pair of fine tweezers. The crack is almost invisible no touch up paint has been added yet;)


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