ROTJ Gauntlet help!??


I just got my new gauntlets today and need help or pics showing how to sand down to fit and assembly i am new to this and i am terrified that i Will muck it up hopefully you all have been in my boat and know how to help any help is appreciated
The best advice I can give you is not to treat them as the expensive items that they are.
I am not saying to handle them all rough and stuff but make sure that you gather some confidence and take a close look at them.
You will want to do test fits as you go along with your trimming. GO into the boba reference cd area and look at it frequently.
Print off a bunch of the pics for reference while you are working on the pieces.
There are many ways of attaching the pieces together. Some will use pop rivets. Others will glue one side and use velcro on the inner forearm side. ANd then there are others that will just use velcro entirely.
I myself will be trying a method of taking a piece of fabric and gluing it to the inside of the upper and lower shell on the outside of the forearm and then using the industrial velcro on the inner forearm enclosure.
I just got my glass gauntlets and I'm gonna try piano hinge on the inside and high str magnets to close them together. I'll let you know how it goes.
I appreciate it but maybe its just my big honkin arms and they way everyone elses overlap but i am wondering if I am just too big for these things now, i will keep trying thanks folks alot!
no they dont they just meet at the edges and thats all. now i take that back the right one meets at its edges and the left does overlap a bit but darn its like tryin to put my wrist in a coke can top, any ideas?
Boba cop, you can add a bridge in them to extend them That's what I did and it works. I can email you some pics if you like.

Let me know.
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