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I need some help, the gauntlets I recently bought, they have been trimmed. That being said, I have to put the piano hinges on, does anyone got advice? Help? Progress?

What is the best way to attach them as well?

They are Ruffkins, I am pretty sure.

I bought them from someone on the board.
You can use rivits... and the ones I am talking about are installed the way a snap is installed, not with a rivit gun. Also you can gule in a shim of styrine to it. Basicly just cut a square of styrine that will over lap the henge but also spread about .25 inches outside the hinge area and appy some plastic weild or use some pro weld (can be found at a hobby shop) that will permanitly bond the plastic to plastic.
I cant, that is the problem, they have been trimmed. They have been trimmed to where one side doesnt overlap the other. I cant use velcro as much as I would like to.

What I mean is, the top no longer overlaps the bottom (if they ever did) and I cant use velcro, that was my original idea, but it looks as if I need to use piano hinges.
I dont know what mine are now....They are ROTJ, but they are not you'r Ruffkin....they dont have the 4 squares on the right one.
Why can't you just glue a piece of styrene on the inside of your lower gaunt to stick up inside the top ?
I have thought of that too, I dont know how that would work, and if it would work too well, I was thinking just cut a piece of styrene for each side, and use some plastic weld. I have never used the stuff, by my friend here said it works wonders.

The only reason I dont jump the gun to do that is I dont know who well that would hold, nor would I know if it would look OK.
if done right I don't see why it wouldn't look good. I think if you add 2 pieces of styrene, one to build the other clearance, it should make it so the bottom half wont have to flex and run the possibility of cracking your paint over time. Plastic well should hold fine, when it comes to styrene even plain old super glue holds extremely well. just not the gel kind.

This is knda what I'm talking about.

Just put the opposite part of the velcro in the gauntlet top and you should be set.
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Back of the rocket not sanded, the rocket itself was not sanded before painting (not by me)

Repaint the rocket?

Resin pieces and flamethrower piece

Left gaunt

Right gaunt




Not trimmed very well in some areas, but trimmed to where I think I cant use velcro unless I do the styrene on the bottom half
Save yourself a ton of headache, use velcro on both sides. Thats what I did with my Ruffkins.

i found that the constant flexing of the plastic was making my paint chip off faster than the rest of the things.

the hinges reduced the stress on the connection, and minimized chips. but then again, i did a bad bad job painting my first gauntlets!
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