ROTJ blaster ver. 2


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Ok, here is my 2nd, well kind of 3rd version of my blaster. Just can't seem to be happy. This time I am fairly happy with it. Here is my version 1-


Here she is now. The biggest changes are in the body-


Also made the stock look nicer, and added the greeblies-

yes, indeed very nice! if you are willing to go a little further, I would definately round all the edges of the wood with sand paper... the corners look too square.

but the rest is awesome!
Yep, she is scratch built goodness. Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree on the stock. I hit it the best I could by hand. It is solid oak. I am trying to find a short loan on a belt sander or something. I used WOL's templete for the stock- perfect templete I will say. I did have to cut it down about an inch and a half. My arms are a little short
Ok guys, I love to take the constructic critism and improve, so I sanded the stock down. I would love to hear more feedbacl before I repaint it-




Oh and here and some early production pics for you all to enjoy-


hehe, yeah almost forgot about that. That my scratch built Anakin EpIII/Luke EpIV lightsaber. That's actually in progress for a version 2 right now, waiting of grips from Blastech. Have to post pics of that when I'm done. Well, I'm assuming everyone likes the stock, so I will probably repaint it tonight.
Great work! I love scrtachbuilt blasters, and yours is excellent. Could you post more progress pics, or some tutorial-type tips?

One thing about the stock, is it a bit dark? Could you work with a lighter stain?

Hmm maybe its a little dark. I used kind of a dark stain, but also misted black spraypaint over top. Have to check the reference photos again
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