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Ok, been painting up my rocket launcher after work today. Here is a picture of mine and one of MOM display photo for comparison. Any advice on how to get this closer to accurate let me know...or if you think this is good accuracy....I been staring at the photo too long and I am goin wiggy :eek:


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Looks good to me I don't see no problem here. I find it to look very excellent. The others may think differently on this but I find it like I said before simply Excellent. :) (y) :cheers
When I painted mine, I did the black with acrylic craft paint (the cheapo wal-mart kind).

When it was dry I stuck masking tape on the part i just painted. apply this very lightly, then rub the tape down where you want to remove the black.Then peel the tape off.Try to re-use the tape as much as possible to take less & less paint off.
Keep in mind that mine was made of resin, not aluminum, so this may not work as well on metal.

Ya that looks good, just dont get carried away and break it off then apply 10 tons of glue to put it back on. Man they are rough on that suit!
Thanks for the feed back guys :). It's actually a resin part that is held on with bolts so I don't think it will break off. Tonight I am gonna start doing the electronics on that gauntlet. Unless I run out of energy.....Lost a bit of sleep last night doing that launcher and could be a long day at work..ahhh....the life of a fett...8)
Looks very good .I have the same rocket and i have yet to paint it . What colors and brands did you use ? Did you prime it? Some say you need to wash resin in mild soapy water ... did you do this ? And finally , how did you apply the paint ? Did you do layers with mask or topical ? So may questions ......

Fettism, I did wash and used grey auto sandable primer. I then did a base coat of Chrome and Testor Gold. Then I used a custom mix of testors Dark blue, Black noir, and ghost grey to make the dark markings. I brush spoted this and then blotted dry with a paper towel. I am not real happy with the gold and am looking for a more copper type color to re-touch up with. Hope that helps :)
here's my resin rocket (from Fettcicle and Boba Phett), I just added topical treatment to my piece, as in kept an eye on the reference, took a 0 fine tip brush and went to town on the in's and out's of the scrapings.

I LOVE my brass tip, it looks so shiny and pretty, I don't want to dirty it up...I think I may keep it that way :) Would it be such a sin to keep it clean ? lol.

Any one got pics of the right gauntlet? On the MoM exhibit (or was it AOSW??) there seem to be two peices missing (swithches??) just above the two hose connectors. any ideas what used to be there?
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