Resin striaght onto cardboard


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New here and have aquestion. Has anyone out there ever done resin or fibreglass stright onto their cardboard helmet to make the final product?:confused

Dha Syntir

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First of all, welcome to TDH. And second, that's a good question-one which I really would like to hear the answer to myself. I would guess that if the cardboard was reinforced so that the weight of the fiberglass material slathered in resin doesn't distort the natural shape of the helmet-that stuff seemingly could be rather heavy...That's but a guess however, as I took the easy route and bought one of Sarges 'mystery" helmets and didn't get into the resin and fiberglass etc...


Tim Allen

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Your better off making a mold of the carboard helmet 1st then dumping resin into that. Just dumping resin onto the cardboard will give you an uneven finish and you'll have to do alot of sanding and almost have to resculpt in resin to get to those nice defined lines and edges, not to mention the resin will probable bond to the cardboard itself and have a messy clean up. I would recommned doing a rubber type mold so you can make multiple resin copies if you wanted.


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Put something over the cardboard like mod podge and get it to be as smooth as possible and then do a latex or rubber mold to make the helmet