Reshaping cheeks of Don Post Boba Fett


New Hunter
Hello I am fresh off the boat here.
I have a helmet that would probably fit if I could just get it over my cheeks! I had no idea I was so abnormally shaped.
Is there any way to reshape the cheeks (heat gun?) even just a tiny bit?

I've searched all over the Internet but can't find anyone with the same problem.

Thank you!!!!

Mythos Fenn

A heat gun generally will do the trick for reshaping that bucket. Generally those helmets, if it is one of the "newer" buckets, are quite the hassle to get them to look correct but it is definitely possible with quite a bit of love and dedication. I am unsure on if there is a thread here with instructions on how to modify it to have better dimensions but I know there is a thread about it on the Mandalorian Mercs forums which you can find here:



It'll be a challenge with the shape of the cheeks, with the curve and everything they're a pretty strong form to push outwards. Another option would be to sorta reform them, build up the area with bondo or apoxie sculpt to make a shallower cheek, then internally grind/sand the old cheek back. Or alternatively just cut out the old cheeks entirely and rebuild them with sintra or something. But that's a pretty extensive modification at that point. Might be better off just doing a scratch build.