Repulsor pack

has anyone tried to make the Dark Trooper repulsor jump pack......or any real variation away from the fett pack?

i'm trying to make the jump pack or somthing similar
any suggestions on material or what ever, any advice really would be COOL:cheers


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I'd make it from sintra, the shape is such that you couldn't adapt anything existing. The jets? could be made from some sort of small cannisters.
Ahh there is your problem, you're leaving the battlefield.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

sintra's cool... i was also thinking about the pink insolation foam.....i know CRAZY right, but i figure i can cut, mold, fill, sand, etc. that pretty easy, and add doodads to give it texture, since i've worked with it before. Any thoughts on the foam, pro or con?

this pack is for my mando, using standard imperial equipment is all....i might do a dark trooper some day though(y) , for a mannaquin though...cuz i'm a litte short for a stormtrooper:lol:

and thanks for the quick input:cheers