Removing Super Glue from visor... HELP!


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I thought I could apply some Super Glue in small amounts
around the visor without getting any on the front of the
visor... I was wrong.:facepalm

Now I need some pointers on the best way to get this crap off.
There isn't a whole bunch and it's barely noticable, but it
bugs me. Any ideas?

Please help!

Your pretty much screwed. You can try super glue remover. If that don't work, you can try and sand it down and plish the scratchs out. That is what I had to do on my 95.

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If that doesn't work, you can try using a Dremel with a polish wheel. Press very lightly on the affected area. It should remove the glue without scratching the visor. If you press too hard, however, the wheel might actually cut into the visor, leaving a permanent gash. I know from first-hand experience. :facepalm
Try Nail Polish Remover.. I used it on scale models in the past. But to be fully honest I have never tried it on clear parts. Test it on a scrap piece then try to follow through with what Rammage had suggested.
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