reinforcing styrene



Almost finished assembling my jet pack and was thinking of adding fiberglass to the inside to make it more stable. Would the fiberglass warp the pack as it set up, or would this idea work? I have read conflicting reports on this, and would like a good idea before I destroy this darn thing.
Thanks for the help
I wouldn't risk using fiberglass. The heat generated from the curing MAY warp your JP. Cold cast epoxy is your friend. Simply wet out your glass cloth the same as you would when fiberglassing & wait 24 hrs for it to cure. I reinforced my styrene knees with this & it worked great.
so like marine epoxy resin? That seems to be the only kind I have been able to find at the local HomeDepot.
Thanks for the help!
Marine Epoxy will work the same as the cold cure. As long as the product you decide to use doesn't create too much heat when setting up you'll be OK. If in doubt test it on some styrene first. Remember to scruff the surface of the styrene before applying the FG and Epoxy.
i used some plumbers-expandable-pipe stuff and it looked like it was going to do fine, added a little weight, but i could tolerate that...except that kept expanding...while i was at expanded...when i got to my pack was blown up


lesson learned
Hmm I used this there is a calculation for how much the cells of the foam exspand, but it is instant not like exspand foam.

Exspandable foam doesnt work to well, it keeps exspanding, even after its dryied, if your out treeking and it gets hot, it can exspand more, and your pack can blow up right there lol.

fiberglassing a whole pack would cost you a ton. I got the 26$ one and had plenty left over, the best part is you wont drown.
You only need a thin layer of glass to reinforce your styrene pack so it will not add much weight. I have an all FG JP & it weighs in around 3 to 4 lbs. Not sure how much materials will cost you but you should be able to buy just FG off the roll at a marine hardware store.
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