Reference books /web sitesfor Star Wars Weapons


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New to prop building and working on some sidearms based off some .44 Automag airsoft guns(adding scopes and some other greeblies...havent figured out what yet).
I know there is alot of info on how to build ee-3s, e-11s, dl-44s, but what references are there(both book and web) for the other weapons in the Star Wars universe? Just ordered a copy of the essential guide to weapons and technology, but are there any others?

I grew up during the non-special edition-episode 4,5,6,-Han shot first era, and always liked the fact the tech was based off of real weapons(sterlings, mausers, etc ) or parts there of. I'm just wanting to base my sidearms off that.

Any help would be appreciated


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Thanks Dynas. Good Idea.
Was trying to find info for a Czerka alliance adjudicator slug thrower that was in one of the rpg books I used to have(couldnt even remember the name of it). Wouldnt you know it, one web search and I found it. Guess I'm a little old fashion:eek:

Part of what I'm looking for is pictures of the greeblies they attached to various weapons to change the looks of them. Decided on the automag because it doesnt look like a glock or beretta, plus it is huge. Figure it would look good for sidearms.

Thanks again.