BB-8 Star Wars life size Droid bb8


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I fall in love with it so lets do it





Looks awesome! I was thinking of making one myself but I'm not too good with electronics[emoji20] it would be great to see a WIP though

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Awesome! I was wondering when someone would take a crack at this. Is it going to be static, or are you going to try to make it move? I have to think it has another ball inside of it, a significant counter weight, and a lot of motors moving magnets. That is just what I visualize. It is probably more complex than that.


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Looking awesome! Would be brilliant if you make it able to roll but just thinking about how to make it move the way it does makes my head hurt :wacko


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what is that your sculpting the head with, how did you get such a perfect dome? (id be guessing at an oil based clay but that would be hard to get such a perfect head shape) excellent detail, cant wait to see updates


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Another budget option for the plastic ball Instead of paying 100$

Find a restaurant that carries a beer in a "keykeg" And ask for one once it has been emptied.
But PLEASE make sure they use the key to let out the pressure otherwise you can severely injure yourself if you try to tamper or cut into it before they do that.

One-way keg, disposable keg - KeyKeg I believe the 20 or 30 litre would be a great size and the right shape.