Ready to go


Well I have had my helmet for a couple of weeks now and today I finally went out and got some sandpaper and bondo. Now the fun begins.......I think.

I am both nervous and excited at the same time. I hope that I don't mess it up and that I can do this forum justice. Have been doing a lot of reading lately and now that I have ordered my sintra, helmet, bondo and sandpaper, I plan on spending this Memorial Day working on my bucket.

And just as soon as I have it sanded and the bondo'd I'll steal my sisters camera and start putting up some pics.

Wish me luck

Good luck brother. Your first helmet paint job should take about 2 weeks. It's the 3,493,729 redesigns and repaints that take up the real time. :lol:
Thanks for the encourgement JK.....LOL 3,000,000 repaints. Don't you think that number is a little off? From every thing that I have been reading I would say the number should be a LOT higher! LOL

P.S. When is chapter 4 goning to be complete? Can't wait to read what happens next to my favorite anti-hero wanabe
Chapter 4 will be completed sometime after it is started. It will be started about the same time that I get off my lazy duff and start working on it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the read so far.
Keep us posted on your progress. We all look forward to seeing your finished helmet. :D

John Barrows, Jr.
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