Re-Visoring a Rubies... Advice please


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I have a Rubies bucket that is in dire need of a T-Visor that doesn't restrict vision anywhere near so much as teh stock 'visor'

I have a tinted T-Visor purchased from Ebay, but before I attack my Rubies lid, I want to get some tips on how to proceed from you pros ...

Cheers y'all


Take a Dremel (with cutting wheel), and carefully cut out the entire visor area. Use an X-Acto knife and sandpaper to clean it up.

After repainting the helmet (if you plan to), glue your new visor in place, from the inside. Some people use JB Weld, two-part epoxy, or other adhesives (do NOT use SuperGlue!). Still others have their visors 'bracketed' in place for easy removal/replacement.
batninja said:

Take a Dremel (with cutting wheel), and carefully cut out the entire visor area.

So a hacksaw / coping saw isn't right?
Dare I ask why?

Eskilax - if my experience of gluing two part snaps to the back of my armour is anything to go by, Superglue just aint the right glue for the job.
It won't hold up in the long term.
SuperGlue tends to fog/mist a significant area of of the visor when applied. And since you'd be applying it to the front side of the visor, some of the fogging may be visible on the visor. To my knowledge, this fogging affect cannot be removed.

I recommend a rotary tool (Dremel) over a hacksaw/coping saw because a Dremel makes a cleaner cut (doesn't require much sanding afterwards), and is easier to control. However, some may prefer the hacksaw method. Whatever you're comfortable with, I suppose.
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