Range finder stem (length)...

Hey folks,

Me again.

I was wondering if anyone knows the proper length of the standard range finder stem.

I have one but it looks to be about 3 inches shy of where the stem ring meets the helmet.
(there could be so many jokes in that last sentence... ;))

Also (IMPORTANT QUESTION), can this piece (the range finder stem) be found in a hardware store or similar?

Many thanks as always and keep on smilin'!!!


24 hours later and no reply???

Man, I feel skated. Doh!!!

All seriousness aside though, really. If anyone can help a brother out; I sure would appreciate knowing the answer to the range finder stem length (and where to pick up a good replacement {if possible}).

I picked up an ausie helmet and the finder is way-short.
(not to mention no ear pieces...)

Thanks crew.


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