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I've noticed two different types of range finders...the one with the little square viewlense and one with a tapered lense. I believe the one that is standard on most helmets is the square one. I am making a helmet and would like to know if the square one is considered acceptable on ROTJ helmets AND what the size difference is on range finders found on MSH, MLC, DP Deluxe and the '95 DP standard...I have the standard as a reference so any comparrison to that one would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!



Both are some-what opaque. The real difference is that the Jedi version of the RF is missing the box-thingy at the bottom.
Speaking of rangefinders.... I have a DP 95, is the RF the right size for a Mystery Helmet or is too small? Also, who can I get the stalk from?


Does anyone offer transulcent castings of Range Finders with the box-thing?

If not, I really wish someone would do a run. I think a lot of people would like to upgrade to more accurate RFs.
I have three different versions of the RF top, and all of them seems to be the same size, except for a few things and differences.

As a note, I have the DP Deluxe recast (solid resin attached to an aluminum stalk), the DP'95 (which I have in my DP Del. Recast helmet, with one of Mardon's fiberglass stalks (which I love it...so light!), and of course Mardon's clear-bottom RF. Reason: I had to use a DP'95 RF top to use Bobo's lights, which in Mardon's RF clear resin top was difficult to add the lights to, so I made a few changes.

In dimensions in between the three, they're almost the same, but what changes is the bottom details or "square screen"...difficuld to explain, but they're almost all the same exact size...if that answers your question.

Thanks for the photos tyler.

Thanks for the sizing info DarthVader1. I am now equipped to outfit my scratch-built helmet.
I forgot to mention, that all RF tops I have are in the ESB helmet shape (with the little square screen at the bottom).

To me in the ROTJ version that the little black square has been broken off. If you look really hard to can kind of make out what looks like to me as glue residue. I think it was once there as it is still in the ESB but not today. Anyone else agree?
I think it is more likely, almost definitely true, that Jedi helmet had the square piece on it at one time. Every other incarnation of the helmet has had the square piece. The Jedi helmet has been around for awhile; it was even around before the filming of ESB, so who's to say what happened to it.
box it is then...

I just hate getting called on little, tiny, itsy, bitsy details like that by anal Boba freaks. I wanna do a ROTJ boba and don't wan't people pissin' on my parade.

Now I am armed with the ultimate, utra-geek response of "Ah...you really don't know your Fett now do you son. You see...the black box WAS on the ROTJ rangefinder during the movie but fell off before they toured with the helmet. Now if you have any other questions, I'll be more than happy to field them."
You know, in the ESB movie you can see scenes where Fett's missing the little box at the bottom of the RF.
Take a look at the Slave 1 scene when they're loading carbon han.
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