R/C rangefinder


purple sith

well after a lot of experimenting, research and invaluable help from Jim at Hyperdyne, I now have a fully R/C rangefinder! The transmitter is in the right gantlet, with the reciever in the rear of the helmet, and it works a treat! I had previously installed Hyperdyne's servo kit with the voice rec, but had problems with it working in the field, but this has no problems at all!



if you look closely, you can see the LED on the gauntlet flash when the unit is pressed!
Thanks for the kind words:)
I loved the Voice kit, it fitted in perfectly and seemed fine... until I wore it to a con, and all the background noise threw it out and it just wouldn't work :( I ended up standing there with all these people thinking I was nut's shouting "TARGETTING ON" over and over to get it working. that's why i decided to go down the R/C path.
Personally, I would feel rather foolish shouting inside my helmet all the time...and unless you had a Fett voice modulator installed, some of you Deep South boys would be like "targheeeeet down." :lol:

But seriously, how much of a pain/electrical knowledge did you need to install it? I think it looks pretty sweet!
:lol: yeah, it didn't sound to hot with a london accent either; watch out it's cockney Fett!
My electrical knowledge is pretty basic, along the lines of 'this is a battery, and it goes in this hole, lights magically come on', but the instructions that came with the kit were really clear, and any bit's that seemed just too much I bought pre-assembled (like the R/C kit). Appart from that, a few nights in with the soldering iron and the dremmel and it all seemed to work out.
That is just too kool. Thanks for the lead on the parts. I cant wait to get my new helmet. Damn I love this forum.
Three cheers for the DENT (y) (y) (y)
hey, let me just say, that is a pretty kick a$$ set up you got there. i would love to do that to my helmet. its not to bad of a price either. hey, PM me about what i need to get! :)
That's really cool. I think I'll finally have to get one of these kits, but I'm confused as to which kit (or all?) to buy.

Which one is $120? They come out to $185 together.
do you think that would work with an aluminum rangefinder?...i would like to buy the servo and al, but im concerned for the weight of the stalk...lemme know
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