R A vest vs. Prop P vest...for rotj



so i am making a rotj fett statue and i have the suit which is a tan/ dirty tan.grey color and i need to pick the right vest. the RA is a tan vest and very nice but the PropP is a nice silver with the neck seal included. what will be the best match for my suit and which is most movie accurate as far as the color is concerned?
The real ROTJ suit is a light grey jumpsuit that has a little tan to it and has been dirtied and weathered all to heck. The vest is more of a white color that is dirtied all to heck as it is even lighter then the jumpsuit.

Your best bet is to buy some material that is lighter then your jumpsuit and send to one of them and have them make.

I recommend RA to do it.

RA all the way, PP has had a bad rap in the past and their very difficult to get ahold of throughout the process. RA is very reliable and easy to work w/.
hi guys

Ive got a RA vest, jumpsuit and real leather ammo belt, all of a high qaulity and great construction.

I personally recomend RA as theyve be very helpfull in the way of finishing my costume and supplying there parts for it.



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