Question on painting a HS Aluminum helmet


New Hunter
Hi all,

Dropping in from the other side of the prop-planet for a quick question...

I recently picked up one of Brian's beautiful alu buckets and was wondering if anyone here had completed painting theirs.

I'd imagine that it would be almost painted in reverse of the standard way that most buckets are painted.

By that I mean the base color, accents, scratches, then bare metal.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or pointers as to who might have done one before.

And wants to do another.

Did I hear someone say my name???

Ahh yes,

I painted all the base coats, applied the scratches using various tools to actually scratch the paint off exposing the metal. Then weathered the helmet.

I primed the helmet in grey and was actually able to scratch off just the red layer of paint around the visor and expose the primer grey as it looked in certain spots on the Rotj.

Here are the pics:



Great pictures, Chrima.

Did you take any photos in progress?

I'm torn between trying to do it myself and finding someone here to take up the challenge and do it on commission.


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