Question about PP and RA complete soft suit sets...


Question to those who are in the know...

If you wanted to order a complete soft suit (gloves, monkey suit, vest, blah blah blah) did you just say "One complete ESB suit of this and this dimension" or did you have to specify a color as well as the dimension?

The reason I am asking is because I've read a lot of people get their suits and wonder where the color came from. Either its too dark or its too light etc.

I'm askin cause I'm soon gonna be hookin it up.

I got my own jumpsuit material, that was very close to ESB, washed it, and sent it to RA. I'm extremely happy with the results. Stick w/ RA over PP. There is no comparison. RA doesn't do gloves, you'll need to get Slave1's gloves.
I have never seen an RA suit, but see my PP post for pics of my jumpsuit.

As I have said before, material is good (dyeable) and construction is very good. Color is wrong. $$$ is very reasonable considering it was the tailoring and the material.

I would just be sure to get a 3x3 sawtch in the mail before you pay or do not go with them, unless you want to worry about doing a decent dye job.
ive recently got a ROTJ RA Jumpsuit, belt, vest thro RA and was/still please with the overall construction and materail.

Great to deal with and very helpfull, so i recomend you go with RA



uk-scout TB7290
I can't believe there are still people asking about the P.P.
If you order from the P.P. you are really taking A chance.
Don't get me wrong!If you are into wasting money...By all means,go to the P.P. I myself ordered A jumpsuit and vest from peter.It takes forever!!!To get your stuff.If you are lucky...It will fit.But odds are..It will be the wrong color.
I don't mean just A little off.I mean the wrong color.I was alright with his ammo pouches.Even his jango holsters were O.K. The jumpsuit and vest I recommend you shop someplace else.I have just recently sold my P.P. jumpsuit.I sold the vest A year ago.As soon as it came in I sold it.It was not worth the time or the money in my opinion.I will be ordering
A new jumpsuit and vest.I will go to R.A.The two places I could recommend the most would be R.A. & G.A.I have not seen the G.A. But have heard much better things/than with the P.P.
But this is my opinion,I hope this helps you to keep from making A huge mistake. Hell just look at the threads,There
are A lot of pics floating around.Best of luck.....Shawn
Well now I've heard good and bad things about both places...

That doesn't really help one in making a cut and dry choice now does it LOL.

Guess I'll have to shop around, find the color dye number that I want and take my chances on whichever place I pick.

Let me gauge their response time first then I'll PM you the link..

So far its been 2.5 days and no response which is not a good sign. PP responded in like 12 hours.

RA might just be swamped, or actually taking a couple days off. The guy is a stand-out, upfront, caring honest man.

You cannot go wrong in choosing RA, plain and simple.
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