question about boba dlx visor


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Im redoing my jango fett helmet which use to be a 1st gen cast of a dp deluxe. On the visor area, there is a groove, where Im assumming that the original clipped in. Should I dremel it down or should i bondo it and sand it?
the key is to make sure its even, correct?

Tyler Durden

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The DP deluxe Fett did use two semicircle grooves to secure the visor. They later filled in the grooves to cover them up.

Bondo and sand. :)


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thanks tyler!
man i bought this helmet prepainted and there is tons wrong with it. i can see the visor grooves just glancing at the helmet. its a shame when you pay extra to have something done right and you come to find out youre better off doing it yourself.
thanks again tyler :)