Putting it all together...Progress Pics

Buck Navillus

New Hunter
After a full day of work, finally put it all on for a preview. Still lots to do: the visor is held in with masking tape!, only one gauntlet is sort of done, the other is just a shell, neither gauntlet has the weathering, huge nerf blaster only half painted, need to make holster for small blaster, etc.

Really want it done for Starfest this weekend. Note there is interchangeable chest plates for the bat-theme, non bat-theme appearances.

Link to more pics on photobucket: http://s133.photobucket.com/albums/q79/zfotos/Mando/
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Thanks for the positive comments - it all comes form reading the stuff posted on TDH! I know it's not as unique or custom as some, but I've enjoyed the process a lot. I still have the sgtfang helmet almost ready to paint but I know I just won't get it done this week.

Spent all evening making the holster. Hope I get more done before I leave for Denver Friday morning.
Just before I left, I painted my Mando's name and the symbol to the side of the gauntlet.

Starfest was excellent! I wore the Mando all day Saturday and did two sessions of the droid hunt in it. I was stopped for pictures a whole bunch, but was mostly called Jango or Boba as mentioned has happened to others. The funniest thing happened several times. A parent asks if I would take a picture with there kid. I say sure and as we take the picture, the parent says, "You're their favorite character!" In a few years the kid will look at the picture and ask, "Who the heck was this???" This seriously happened several times!

Here's pic of the gauntlet and me at Starfest. Note the newly made holster.

Since April, I've been using just the clam-shell plain right gauntlet but I have finally finished a real made from scratch right gauntlet with rocket, darts and tracing powder launcher. Now all is left is the painting of the new helmet and installing the visor!
I like the new guantlet, but I have two criticisms: The toggle swith on the side seems a little large from the front view, is that something you can easily replace, because it looks like it will get caught on things. and Secondly, the dart thing on the right side still looks much too much like a ballpoint pen. Maybe if you changed the size of it, or painted it differently or something? Maybe add some small greebles to it to tech it up a bit...

Otherwise I like it. I really like the computer keys. Do they still push in and stuff?

Looks good! I do agree with hellopike that the pen on the side needs just a small touch of work. Maybe use a metal exacto knife shaft with the pen tip attached to it?
Yeah, I also think the pin should be replaced....But otherwise I realy like them, I enspecialy the computer keys on the left side of it!:)
Thanks for the feedback. The only part of the "pen" that is a pen is the very tip. I'll play with it and see if I can change it up some. The flat end piece is pop-riveted on so I'll have make any modes while it is attached.

No, the keys don't press in - I thought about doing that but I got frustrated with how long this was taking me so I skipped it. :(

At least it is wearable again.
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