Problem with my Shackman Lights


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I haven't been on a lot lately...but I think Shackman may not be frequenting this board very often anymore. My problem is the battery connector totally pulled off of the board for my chest lights and I have no clue where the leads need to be resoldered on the board.

Can someone take a picture of their lights, specifically where the power and ground leads connect to the board and send it to me?
I have the same one you do, when I get back from the F4, I will take a few detailed shots, unless someone beats me to it.
I just got this one last year right after DCon. So, its about 6-9 mos old. I'm not sure if its before or after the redesign.
I hope this helps, there is alot of glue around the leads so you cant really see where the go to, Do you know how to solder? Just put a battery on the lead and put them on the terminals around that area untill it starts working. Or mail it to shackman :)
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