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I'm redoing my custom bucket and I just finished priming it. As it dries I type this. Anyway, I was curious as to what size grit of sand paper would be best to sand the primer with for the next coat of primer? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Also, I repainted it because after I finished it last time, the dent which I filled with bondo was clearly visible as a ring on the outer paintjob. Is there any way to hide this "Bondo-ring" ? Keep in mind it is perfectly flush with the rest of the dome.
As for sanding after priming, I used 400 grit paper and wet sanded it. As for the bondo ring- if you can see a ring, then it is not flush, despite how it may seem. It needs more sanding. Then when you prime it, if you still see a mark, sand more. You may need to add a thin layer of bondo further out from the edge of the dent and then sand it down good.
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