Press forming sintra?

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It might be possible to do a sort of heat gun vaccuforming type operation with sintra. When you heat it with the gun it tends to get very soft and stay that way for a little bit. I could make a wooden form in the shape I need for that particular piece of armor (a Snowtrooper chest plate fro example), trace it in pencil on the sintra, heat it up using the pencil marks as a guide and then press it down over the shape. I would use a wooden block or something similar to press it down over the "mold". I haven't tried it but I'm sure I could get somewhat of a nice effect from it. Call it press forming. What do you think?
Sounds like a good idea. The only problem is that it mite crack slightly on the edges were it stretches. I had this problem when forming some of my armor. But I do think you should try it and see how it turns out. I have wondered myself how something like this would come out. I think it should come out pretty good if you are careful. I am thinking after you get it on the mold it is going to cool pretty quickly but as long as you heat it with the gun while pressing in that area it should work rather well. I hope it works. that would be cool to have formed sintra armor.:D
JK - I used a similar process on my backplate you sent me around the jet pack holes to give it that flair over the openings. Didn't get it quite square, but sanding should fix that.

I'm going to give it a try this weekend. I'll bring whatever the results are next weekend when I come to Calgary. It'll be interesting to see what happens with mine since my Sintra is so much thicker than the stuff that you have. That could be a hinderence or a help....I'm not sure yet.
On a much smaller note, I did this with some 'dents' in it. I heated up the area and pressed into it with various objects to make a 'dent'. Worked out alright. Haven't thought of doing it on a larger scale, tho.
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