Preproduction Fett Helmet Replica (PICS)


I took these the other day for a guy on the rpf, so i thought i would post them here too. Can't remember if i posted pics of it before or not, as i finished this helmet a long time ago. Its a Movie size 1 helmet made by Nathan, cleaned up and painted by me.









Tim Allen

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Love the old school natty buckets, brings back memories

BTW ive always wanted to tackle the white pre-pro fett. Looks nice and clean

Bubba Fett

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Hey Keith,
Love it, love it, love it! Actually saw this on RPF earlier today and was admiring it. It's a beautiful finish. Question for you - (cuz I no nothing about the prepro) - did the prepro have a dent?


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I'm not sure it's an open and shut case guys. Just compare these pictures. Not sure where the dent came into the picture, but it's a story I'd like to hear someday.

PP1 2.jpg


PP1 1a.jpg

Mr Fett

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Hey, you're right! The helmets on the left and right have the dent, but it appears the middle one didn't. Good catch!

Rich D

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On the helmet without the dent, the triangles are colored, the left ear cap is white, and the right ear cap is white except for the middle part, which is bare metal.

The one with the dent apparently either has uncolored or colored triangles, and has bare metal ear caps.