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I just noticed a very intresting thing. This photo is of the ESB Vader sometime around that movie's release. Note the Pre-Prodution 1 Boba helmet just above Vader's dome.
This is the first I've seen of that version outside the archives. Anyone know anything about this?

I bet that was MISERABLE to have to stand there in those costumes, especially Vader, and sign autographs. All the fans are comfortable in their tank tops and t-shirts and some poor shmuck is stuck in a black pleather jumpsuit and cape for their amusement. I remember back when I was just a wee lad, we were at JC Pennys and 'Darth Vader' was there signing autographs. He was signing these xeroxed pictures of Darth Vaders head that read 'DARTH VADAR LIVES'...That's right VADAR. Somehow I don't think it was officially endorsed by Lucasfilm.
I actually should have linked it, but I was tired...
Its from a site called Darth Phaeton. I was looking at the Vader stuff and this picture jumped out at me. No idea the history of it.
I just was very excited to find a rare photo of Fett in natural light, not to mention the PrePro 1!
I seem to remeber seeing a picture of this helmet somewhere with the eye marks dulled out. I am I just going crazy, or did they later turn this helmet into something else?:confused
No what you probally are thinking of is this helmet had it's "eyes" much lower. They took them off but it left a mark where they were, they then moved them back to where you see them now.
I posted that picture awhile back on here and the RPF, asking about its origins. I found it on AMC's website when they were promoting the SW dvds and Empire of Dreams or whatever the name of the documentary was.

And thanks to the new Fett article, we know the photo was taken at the San Anselmo's Country Fair parade on September 24, 1978.
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