Pre-ProII Helmet recomendations

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Hey folks, decided to go forward on a Pre-ProII Fett, and was wondering what folks considered the best helmet out there that lends itself more accurately, as a base. I saw Micke's MSH1, and that looks like an awesome base:cheers


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Although the MSH is a great gelmet i would recommend the MH. It has alot of features that matches the original spot on and has its background from an original helmet. THe MSH is a little bigger. My choice? A marrow sun or Sgt FAng helmet. Ive been away for some time so im not fully updated on the helmet front so maybe someone else could chime in?

Good luck with your hunt:)



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I own a MSH2 that I made into a pre-pro2 helmet, and as fantastic as that helmet is I think the MS3 from Marrow is the best bet. (plus the MSH1 and MSH2 arn't made anymore). The MSH1 &2 were made to resemble the shape of flair of the ESB helmet.

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MS3, I must see. If anybody has pics of one I would be stoked if you could either post here in this thread, or maybe send some via PM. I am excited about this project and hopefully I can make a quick decision in which direction I will choose as far as helmets go.

I wanna look a close as possible to this here old school photo:(y)



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here is the link to the MS3 thread. PM me if your interested, i might be selling mine... it's perfect conditon and i havent started it yet, so it's unpainted and ready to go.

chat later


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So what helmet did you go with Commander? I can't believe I missed this thread originally. My PP2 helmet is a TF helmet- its shaped for ESB, but I chose it for quality over look. Fortunately it runs big, but I have a big head so it worked out. I'm a bit fan of choosing a helmet based on your build, so that it looks correct when wearing it.

Anyways, like I said I can't believe I missed this. Any progress on PP2?