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hi ppl

i wish to share with everyone the pics of my scratch built helmet (truth is i want some feedback before i cast the final item, and now is the last time i can alter the shape before casting)

however i am new to this forum and i am not sure how to post pics, any advise anyone?
When posting a message, scroll down below your message box to an area that says: "manage attachments". Click that button and follow the instructions. Very simple.
I uploaded the photos and it says they've been uploaded under the attach files section, but when I click Preview Post they don't show up. Am I doing something wrong?
I hope this wasnt for me Im new but use a different site for my photos - is this acceptable to do?
They don't show up when you preview your posts, they will when you actually post though.

You can host photos on different sites, but I think the use of the image upload is encouraged to keep images from taking a long time to load, stretching the window because of large images, and so we don't have a bunch of threads that end up with missing photos.
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