Posterboard Boba Helmet


After seeing WOF's most excellent templates for a cardboard Boba, I decided to try scratchbuilding my own helmet, mainly because I'm too cheap to actually buy a resin one. I couldn't find any chipboard at the local craft store, so I just used posterboard for the parts that weren't structual and then reinforced it with regular corugated cardboard, and then used the bottom of a pizza box to make the dome. I had trouble getting all the little triangular pieces to fit together at the top, so I just used big pieces, I'll bondo out the bumps later. Heres some pics of my progress so far.


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ah o.k. my mom had some with the bird on them for years. growing up thats the only thing i remember of her sewing kit. those and a tomato shaped pin cushin. havent seen anything like those in a LONG time.
You're off to a very good start thre mate. I can understand about the trianglualr sections on the dome too. I did them in the seperate sections and then glued the right, left and rear and then glued the dome to the braces on the interior. Looking good mate, now more piccies:)


I cut out the visor hole and installed the key slots on the back. My overall impression is that it's really big, does it seem too large? The vertical part of the slot for the visor is just over 2" wide.
Nope it looks pretty much fine to me, though your dome looks like it's a tad too tall. But you're going great guns. Oh just noticed you keyslot frame is upside down too. I did that too, keep a few reference pics around to hlpe whilst making this mate it helps a ton.
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I removed the keyslots and glued them in the same way, then removed it again put it in correctly. I completed the earcaps (though I may have to redo the one that the RF stalk fits into, it's too thick) and scotch taped them the the sides to take the pictures.




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I read about someone using a "for sale" sign to build one from. Does anyone have any advice on using that material? I'm hoping to do a mockup with chipboard, then do another one out of Sintra, a baseball helmet and thin sign material.


Thanks for all the compliments. Finals week is OVER, so I should have time to bondo, sand, and seal it this weekend before I go on vacation. So far, I have filled in the flat spots on the dome with more paperboard ($0.09 for 8 square feet!) so that making it round will be a lot easier. I also built the rangefinder, redid the upper right ear cap and RF stalk, and flattened out the spot that the ear caps will attatch to the helmet.