possible t-visor run


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I have a T visor mold sitting and collecting dust... if there are enough people interested i could do a run on these... i will have to shop arounf for a goos price on the plastic, i found some good dark tinted plastic and the price on that was $5 a square foot.... anyways i will shop around and figure price but wanted to through this out if anyones interested...

Unfortuantly i just bought a welder visor, but if your going for accuracy, i would shop around for a dark "green" tinted plastic since thats the kind they used on the original. good luck though

-Tim Allen
Would you do these visors so they fit all buckets or only for a specific model (i.e DP,MSH,MLC)

Also - I thought the green tint was used for ESB and a smoked or grey tint was used for ROTJ?

Thats a good question about the different helemets.... i will make one from plexiglass tommorow and then see how it matches my DP... i think there is someone else on the board in sacramento i think has one of the custom buckets.... maybe he will want to see if it lines up on his. I dont remember his name but he uses a 501 number..please PM me..

as far as gray or green i couild do either
i would be interested in an esb dark green one , IF it fits my new mystery helmet , but i also need a smoke one for my 97 post recast
Depending on price I may be in for a few. Just in case the first gets cracked, always good to have a couple of spares.

I have a DP 95, so it would need to fit that.

ok i will mark those down
this visor i made today fits my 95... looks like it will cover yhe DP and rubie helmets... still trying to find the other guy here in Sacramento to see if he wants to measure it up in his helmet if its not a DP... i believe he made some ROTJ capes and makes a nice neck seal... someone PM me if they can help me out

can someone with a none DP helmet give me the lenghth of thier visor area (top of visor to bottom of helmet)


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