PMs keep coming back???


Sr Hunter
I was wondering if anyone else's PMs are acting weird the past couple of days.
Whenever I come to the site, it shows "Unread, zero" PMs. But if I click on any forum, and then back to the main index, my last received PM keeps popping back up as unread. :confused
Is it a glitch? Am I hallucinating? Is it the last sign of the apocalypse??

No biggie, just curious. :)
Look out your window. Are there meteors falling from the sky? Are women weeping, men grinding their teeth? A general feeling of chaos? If so, I suggest hiding in your bathtub with a towel over your head.

Or you're just hallucinating. :lol:

I haven't been having any problems with my PM's so far.
OK, yesterday I deleted the PM that kept popping up.
And it's STILL popping up. :confused :confused
And when I try to "read" it, the screen looks all weird. It's just a white background without all the usual borders/outlines. Then I jump back to the index and everything looks normal again.
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