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    Big, big thank you to Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch for this past weekend. Circa 1980, a childish wish of an 8 year old boy watching Empire Strikes Back for the first time just came to a happy, complete close. I wanted to be "that bounty hunter guy" from Star Wars. In 1980, this little kid created his own cardboard "Boba" costume with some green & red paint in the hot, humid, 2-degrees-below-the-equator northern Brazil. That Halloween costume was my first go with a Fett costume. Now, the cycle of my dream has come to full, adult fruition here in 2016. A long time has past, a longing fulfilled and endless smiles for the rest of my life. Thank you again, Mr. Logan and Mr. Bulloch.

    Anyone else make it to Kansas City PlanetComiCon this year? First day, all casual and enjoying every minute!
    The young Bob'ika grants me honji & I respect that.


    All hail the Mand'alor himself!


    Too cool. Wheelchair outfit was awesome. Ant-Man chair, X-Wing chair with BB8 wheel hubs. Excellent!



    Crazy body paint - tats there Maul-brah!


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    Were you in line when a little boy cut in front to talk to Jeremy? That was me in my not quite approved ESB Boba escorting him around. If it was you, you were the only other ESB Boba I saw all weekend and your kit looked great.

    I also had the Purple R2 that was hanging around the Jedi training academy most of the weekend.

    I never did make it back around to get an autograph for myself.
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    Not sure about the little boy, but this little boy was there Friday and Sunday. My son loved the purple R2 unit and ... as always, the R2 units steal the show and my son's favoritism every time! /salute
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    That looks like you had a helluva time. Awesome photos.
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    Great Pics!!!
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    At the local con this year, KCCC.

    First up, met up with a Knight of Ren, she was super strong with the Force and I didn't want to upset her for ANY reason! This Knight of Ren sent me on a bounty to capture a resistance 'girl'. I agree and the contract is formed.


    Not much longer and I pick up the trail of this 'girl' who joined the Resistance fighters. She seems nice, but nice don't pay the bills so I start to set a trap for her. About to spring her trap her when ....


    I was soon ambushed by several Deadpools. Those smarmy bastards hunt in packs. Hard to nail down too so I let the flamethrower give me space.


    Luckily, I had my BFF to back me up. Yep, Best Fett Friends come in handy. I can't say I've seen a better dressed warrior from Mandalore. She made the difference and scattered the Deadpools far and wide.


    The Deadpool mercenaries were just a distraction. The real enemy showed up then and for once... ole 'Dan Solo' got the drop on this bounty hunter.


    Old man Solo doesn't hold a grudge, especially when credits can change his mind faster than you can say 'NERF HERDER'. We agree to part ways amicably.


    And old friend drops in... seems like just yesterday he was planetside with me.


    The 'Force'? Bah, a blaster suits me just fine.

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    KCCC 2017.

    Big Mando hug to my comrade-in-arms, Mac! We make a dynamic duo, eh?


    Rebels Ghost escort duty.


    Loads of mando-lovin' goin on this past weekend.


    They are furry and annoying, but gosh this girl has the right idea. And ole Two-Tubes is there too.

    A Jedi Temple protector on the right, two-tubes in the middle, ewok about to bite the knees of Vader. I do like the shirt on the far right. RoTJ jetpack!

    Less Deadpools this year, but the master of the jazz flute tried to take down a Lord of the Sith.

    Stay classy, Ron. Stay classy.

    Finally a spider trophy to relish.
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    Awesome Pics !! Looks like fun for all...

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