Pimp my Bucket !


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MTV has this show called"Pimp my Ride" - - - I am currently working on my bucket and I have known people to do some amazing customization inside their Helmet. I saw a Fem Trooper who had pink fur inside her Stormtrooper Helmet. Aside from that, I have seen voice box and fans which is a given. What has impressed me is the Fetts who give it that extra Umph. Would anybody like to contribute and send some pictures? I would love to see them. I am not suggesting to put Leopard skin and be unique, it's just that we spend so much money on this that comfort should be our top priority. And I am looking for the best padding comfort (NOT TALKING ABOUT TAMPONS EITHER)

So please send some pics!


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You could always add a remote controlled servo for your rangefinder. I made a tutorial for it. It's at my website in my profile in the tutorials section. All in all if you already have the necessary tools it costs around $30 to make. If you don't have the correct tools it could cost around $40. Still not bad for what it does.

Jango Fett Jr

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Definitely do the rangefinder servo. Originally I had mine on a wire running down my arm, but now that it's wireless its so much cooler!

Mr Fett

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Next time I see you Graeme, you really have to hook me up with the way to make a cool rangefinder like yours, if you can help me. :)