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Well, the other thread has old pics so i decided to post all my armor templates here in this thread for all to see and use.:D

Chest with and without damage. I believe its ROTJ version.

Right breast plate without damage.

Left breast plate without damage.

center piece.

Stomach plate without damage

breast plates with damage

Shoulder bell

All layers together

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Butt plate

Boba knees
All layers together

Layer 1

Layer 2

Dart walls

inner detail

Jango shoulder bell

Jango knees main layer

2nd layer

Dart walls

inner detail
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Those templates are great !!.... it is very good of you to post them (y)

I shall certainly be using these !! :)

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Well, I actually based the cod off of Jango's. If you use this for Boba there are some square pieces on one of the sides. I am sure there are other differences between the two but I made it as a basic mando cod to use for both Jango and Boba. Thanks again guys.:D
pm sent really awesome templates!!! i have been trying to find a decent set of these for a while and these are by far the best and the only PRINTABLE ones out there.
Dude, you are the bomb with these! I printed your shoulders and cod out, but dude, Im going to print out the knees and a set of torso armor for my next project! Thanks TONS!
OK, thanks to AFettFullofDollars' garbage can armor discovery, I had to search the forum for some templates. I started printing out phantom viper's great templates, when I discovered they printed out in different sizes depending on what program I opened them with. Can anyone give me any pointers, or have any measurements that I can compare these printed templates to? If I print them out directly from the links, they seem small, and will not print multi-page templates.
Wow.... good job Phantom . I have some new fiberglass ( unpainted ) armor I am getting ready to paint . I also have a a set of plastic/ubs that according to your templates have been painted almost spot on . Now I can use these temps for reference as I paint . Excelent !!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone seen anything like these for the gauntlets ?

Thanks, these templates look great. I just started on my armor, and needed one (as you'll noticed, I made a new thread) and then, like a miracle, this appears. :) Thanks again.
Caution n00bish question ahead:

Do you get the correct armor size simply by printing them out without using any program? That's what I did, and they seemed a bit small, though I've never handled any real Fett armor, might one of you shed a little light my way?

I did try 'expanding' this armor by hand, adding an inch to every side with a ruler and protracter on some cardboard. Spent about an hour doing this with slipshod results, and feeling quite defeated here :( Any help would be much appreciated.
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