phantom viper\'s custom jet pack(update 5/19/04center piece)

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phantom viper's custom jet pack(update 5/19/04center piece)

I finally started construction on my custom Jet pack. I am using .060 thickness sintra. I got it for free from because they sent it to me by mistake instead of .120. So I figured I should do something with it. I was afraid that it would be to thin but it looks like it is going to work out just fine. I got my inspiration for the design from a prepro fett drawing. It will have thrusters like the ones seen on Boba's and Jango's packs.
<img src= Pack/preconcept.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack1.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack2.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack4.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack3.jpg>
Simple and sleek, I like it. I myself made a custom pack and it is also a simple design. Can't wait to see the progress you make on yours.
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I finished the construction of the main body tonight. Came out better than I had hoped. Now I have to do the details and find thrusters and some kind of cones for the missile. Not sure what those will be yet. I am having trouble making a template for a cone so I have to find something for it. Any ideas? I also have to find out where I can buy a set of Boba thrusters. After i have the details on i can start clean up.:D
<img src= Pack/Jpack5.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack6.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack7.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack8.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack9.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack10.jpg>

Here are some pics of it with my DP97 helmet and the back plate. It is 18 3/4 long by 13 3/4 wide at the top and 12 3/8 at the bottom in the back and 17 1/4 long by 11 1/2 wide at the top and 10 1/4 at the bottom in the front.
<img src= Pack/Jpack11.jpg>
<img src= Pack/Jpack12.jpg>
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You can talk to BradleyFett if you want to ask him where to find a set of thrusters.

Your pack looks great! My only comment is that I think the small side of the back should be a bit shorter. The drawing you are going by makes a much greater angle.

Keep it up, can't wait to see this thing!
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Thanks guys:D

This is not going to be a replica of the pack in the pic I just used it for a starting point for my design. I also made it curve slightly on the bottom. Thanks for the suggestions:D
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Here's an idea for your thrusters...

My son had some thin, plastic balls that came with ones of those inflatable, jump-in, ball pit thingees he got one Christmas. I took 2 of these balls, cut a hole in the tops, rubbed vaseline inside them for a releasing agent, and filled it to the top with resin.

When it had set-up, I simply cut the outer plastic shell off. The hole where I poured the resin solidified flat, and this gave me the area I needed to connect to the plastic "cup" that is the thruster bell. I joined the two with screws and filled the gap between them with bondo.

Now, this was my first attempt at ever resin-casting anything, but all in all, it turned out pretty well. Also it wasn't very hard to do.
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Sounds like a good idea. I have now put some of the details on. There is supposed to be another piece that goes in the center but I am thinking it looks good as it is. I may just leave it off. :D
<img src= Pack/jpack13.jpg>
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I started on the thrusters yesterday. I found the cone air fresheners and some plastic baseballs at Dollar tree. The thruster can be broken down. I used the top of a DR pepper bottle and inserted it into the cone. Fits perfectly with a little modification. I took the cap to the bottle and glued it in the ball. So I can just twist off the cone for storage, travel or if it brakes I don't have to rebuild the whole thruster all over again. For the bottom of the cone I just used the bottom of the air freshener. It fits nice and tight and it gave the cone more stability. The center detail is a pill bottle top the outer side piece is a cap from a water bottle. The side piece that connects to pack is another pill bottle top. I used line 24 leather snaps to connect the thruster to the pack. To get the ball smooth I used my drimal to get most of the thread detail off and sanded. Then I used bondo gap filling putty to fill in the imperfections. I am vary happy with the result and it was cheap.:D
<img src= Pack/thruster1.jpg>
<img src= Pack/thruster8.jpg>
<img src= Pack/thruster5.jpg>
<img src= Pack/thruster6.jpg>
<img src= Pack/thruster7.jpg>
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Dude you just rock, I can't wait to see it progress even more!

I love the screw-on thruster idea!
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I made the center piece today. Decided to make it a vent.
<img src= Pack/jpackcenter2.jpg>
<img src= Pack/jpackcenter1.jpg>
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Well, I made another mod to the pack. I added I missile. I always intended to add one but could not find any thing that resembled what I was looking for. So I was in wall-mart one day and I passed some of those styrofoam cones for flower arrangement. If you put two of them together it makes a pretty good Fett type missile shape. So I glued them together with hot glue and shaped them. Witch I should not have done because it rounded off to much in the end. I then used bondo on it for the outside structure. It did not come out the way I wanted it but it works for now. I made the post going to the jpack body out of an old piece of pipe and some spare grip I had from doing the sintra Boba rifle and the bottom of a plastic fast food cup. I used an old shower head for the attachment. One end in the missile and one in the pipe. Cool thing is that the part that goes in the pipe fits in nice and tight so I don't have to glue it. and I can take the missile off and on. The tip looks pretty cool like an emitter.And i can make another missile to go with it.

<img src=><img src=>
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