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Dickies jumpsuit #2 arrived today and it is a different and thicker material than my first one but I'll have to make due until after Halloween. I need a pattern for the pouches and shin pockets. I have searched this site and cant find one other than what was posted about Bradleys site. I think it was mentioned on here that they were too small. Any ideas? Maybe I should just use the small patterns because I'm a whole 5'7''?

I wouldn't go with a smaller pattern/size myself. I've done my pouches and my dimensions are 7.5"tall by 6"wide, and 2" thick. I'm about 6 feet tall and they look like they are the right proportion. In your case, I would suggest making mock up pouches out of paper, and see what dimensions seem to work best for your frame. Then moving on to the real deal. If you go to this thread you will find a good pattern to use for your pouches. Careful though as they are not to scale. You'll have to bust out the ruler and scale them to what's best for you.

For the shin tool pockets, my first suggestion is to have the tools first, so that way you don't make the pockets too small for them to fit into. I'm waiting on my set so that I can go ahead and add the pockets without having to go back and pull out stitch work that I did cause I was to hasty to do it right. Especially if you have an October 31st deadline. Your nearing Defcon five as far as a time crunch is concerned. Last thing you need is double work. The mandalorean blueprints have patterns for the shin tools, although I don't know how accurate they are as they seem to be better suited for reference than gosphel. Also no to scale when printed out so beware. This thread may be useful to you also. Hope I helped a bit.
Good luck! :)
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