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To all of you who have helped me so far, I thank you.

I've decided to go for sewing my own suit and flack vest. I've been reading through this forum, searching for patterns to get started on planning out my Fett outfit.

I'm looking for patterns that I don't have to buy if possible just to keep costs down as much as possible as this is my first attempt. I'd rather start off this way and upgrade as I go along. BTW, this applies to both a Boba (RotJ) and Jango.

As I said I've been reading through this forum and have noticed other saying that they'll post patterns when soon, but these posts were dated as far back as september. Are there any patterns freely available out there? I don't mean to come across as pushy or impatient, I'm just wondering if I've missed something somewhere and have overlooked free patterns.

Anyone help??
Darth_Mule has some patterns for a vest if you search for itThere's a tutorial for the ammo and girth belts on tk409's site but other than that you will most likely have to make patterns for your stuff.
Thanks for the input, I'll improvise the suit for now. I'll try to find a white cover all and dye it.

I've almost managed to gather all I need to get started.
For the jumpsuit pattern you might want to check out this thread:

I have collected about a half a dozen jumpsuit patterns (most are out print) and the KwikSew pattern is not too bad and it is easily modified. I had to buy it online for $7 plus SH from . I have also found that it is carried by Hancock Fabrics.

Good luck, make sure to post pics.

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I looked over that vast tutorial a few days ago and at first thought it looked a bit complicated, after reading through it a second time it's actually straight forward and fairly simple a thing to do.

Thanks for that.
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