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Can anyone offer any advice as to how to begin?
I know that must be a strange question.

What part of the helmet should be painted first...mandibles...back...etc?


Jedi-Bob wrote:

What part of the helmet should be painted first...mandibles...back...etc?

Star where ever you like, There is no wrong or right place to start painting the bucket.

I've painted 5 buckets and I probably started each one in a different place.

i am using spraypaint, and i want to know if you have a good selection of tops on starting the helmet, like preparing for paint. and do you know of the best spraypaint colors to go for a esb scheme? thank you. no one really has commented back on my post. and i feel like i have help from anyone. i hope you can. thank you for your time.

I would start to mix the base colors and get them spot on and the paint the helmet. Next i would trace the battle damages carefully with a pencil and make sure they line up perfectly with the reference photos and paint them in with silver paint or draw them in with a silver pen. After that i would add weathering on the entire thing in order to tie everything together..I think the most important thing is to take it easy and not rush it. Plan your steps carefully and study the reference photos. Good luck!!
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